Acting, Amusement Parks and St. Louis

Armand Christopher joins us to chat about Browntown, anti-vaxxers, Disneyland, blob of warm Pacific water, Lakers, Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Blues, Kings, Cardinals, Angels, Dodger Stadium, sports video games, Santa Monica, Steak 'n Shake, acting, “The Simpsons” town at Universal Studios Hollywood, and all things St. Louis. [...]

Surviving an Apocalypse and Eating Your Last Pizza

Our use of coupons, a scathing investor’s report on Olive Garden, Southern California teams are out of the MLB playoffs, college football roundtable, the NFL again threatens to move to Los Angeles, the city’s proposal on a minimum wage hike, urban gardening, how we’d survive a potential ebola outbreak, and where we’d go for a last pizza. [...]